Claudio Pironi

Founder of Claudio Pironi & Partners

“An architect’s job is not only to design, we must fascinate and surprise.”
Inspired by a versatile design philosophy, architect Claudio Pironi’s work reflects an alchemy of eclectic and humanistic elements. Pragmatically considering different cultures, experiences, and feelings, while executing In-depth aesthetic research, Claudio Pironi is a master of creating designs that evoke wonder and awe. Born in Buenos Aires to Italian parents, Claudio Pironi was inspired by architecture from an early age. Returning to Italy to pursue an international architectural career in 1988, he quickly created a place for himself amongst international design society. Today, Claudio Pironi is considered to be one of the most influential Italian architects in the markets of luxury retail and high-end residential design, having created hundreds of projects for some of the world’s most iconic fashion brands. His work unveils designs characterized by a sequence of emotions, forged into materials and geometry. The selection of the most suitable materials derives from a profound knowledge of its characteristics, the language that material speaks, and the feelings it will communicate. All of Claudio’s projects are based on a sartorial concept, while his idea of compositional research hails from a deep material mastery and precise attention to details. The purpose of his work is identifying the fusion between architecture and interior design, breathing life to projects that amaze, fluctuate, and tell timeless, unique stories. Sources of inspiration originate from literature, architecture, and art. In line with a passion for light design, he has recently begun collaborating with Murano Glassmakers, giving life to light objects that reflect a cross-contamination between artisanship, art and avant-garde design. Founded in 1997, The Claudio Pironi and Partners firm counts thirty talented staff-members and has executed numerous projects including boutiques and flagship stores in some of the most prestigious locations in the world. Clients include brands such as Philipp Plein, Furla, Casadei, Peuterey, Vladimiro Gioia and Corneliani. Residential work encompasses luxury homes, hotels, and resorts in Milan, London, Montecarlo, Beirut, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Baku and Almaty in Kazakistan.
Speaking about his work, Claudio Pironi says: “We consider every project as a story to tell, a sculpture to be chiseled by our client’s dream, in sync with our peculiar point of view. The outcome is a unique and special synthesis.”