The Miami Design District is one of the most interesting neighborhood in Miami, which houses over 130 commercial locations, including art galleries, showrooms, creative services, architectural firms, shops, antique dealers, restaurants and bars. The Design District is not only the home of retrofunky and unusual contemporary art galleries, it is primarily the mecca of showrooms dedicated to design products and accessories, high-end furniture and luxury shopping. In these showrooms the made in Italy and the best brands in the world are all represented and elegantly proposed. The facades of commercial buildings are all extremely well cared for and creative, the result of high-level architectural design. The centrepiece of the district’s cultural activity is the Moore Elastika Building, an historic building dating back to 1921, which houses the huge permanent installation “Elastika” created by Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid and commissioned by Craig Robins – the Developer of Miami Design District. The Design District is geographically located between NE 36th Street to the south, NE 43rd Street to the north, NW 1st Avenue to the west and Biscayne Boulevard to the east.