Cpda Arquitectos

CPDA Arquitectos is a Mexico City based architecture studio, founded in 2016 by Juan Pablo Cepeda Restrepo (1982). He receives the Gold Medal in the First Mexico City Architecture Biennale. CPDA has quickly emerged as one of the most recognized Mexican young firms, for its productivity and delivering imaginative in its design linked to the needs of contemporary living. Our belief that in order to face today’s challenges, we must break with pre-established lacking and inoperative design models; and propose physical solutions that, in addition to innovation in their design, achieve an integration with its context: urban, social and cultural, of the site to be developed. Creating original and coherent architecture; meeting the user´s needs meanwhile contributing to improve the quality of the natural and built environment. Regardless of the scale or scope, we provide each project with the same high level of rigor and care. We respect the tradition and legacy of good Mexican architecture, in order to achieve this goal, we respectfully look back at the past not leaving by side the historical process and transformations of the context but creating an aesthetic reinterpretation of the elements that identify the site with its present and its future. Our process melds digital technology with traditional craft, moving off the screen into physical space. For us, the multidisciplinary collaboration is of great importance to generate innovative ideas that ensure the opening to new architectural proposals, as well as to develop personalized experiences for each of our clients and users, seeking to enhance its qualities in each project we design. Firm recognition includes two medals from the Academy of Mexican Architecture, two honorable mentions from the Young Mexican Architects Biennale, Nominated for the RIBA International Prize (2017), Highly Commented, World Architecture Festival in the small-scale housing category (2018), Winner for The International Architecture Awards, The Chicago Athenaeum / The European Center of Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, in residential multiunit category (2019) and more

29th February, 3:45 pm

Moore Building