EDU (Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano) DESIGN WORKSHOP

The EDU Design Workshop is a laboratory of ideas of the city, a design team that from the public scope is aimed to make of the high-quality architecture and urbanism a platform for the encounter of State with its projects and the communities with their dreams and ideas. We generate a work of social innovation that transcends the physically isolated interventions towards generating a deep social transformation in its inhabitants.We are a public design workshop create in 2004 at the Urban Development Enterprise of Medellín, this has allowed us to pass through successive and tuned governments, the maturation of a practice of concertation among all actors in the city (Community, State, Private ), as a strategy of collective construction and a methodology of urban processes. Our work seeks to give continuity to the memory of the city, maintain a methodology in the interventions and the conservation of the evolutionary learning of Medellín as fundamental tools for the advice of new public projects and the correct decision making of the governors in each one of the neighborhoods of the city.

29th February, 11:30 am

Moore Building