Mapos Architects DPC

Founded by Colin Brice and Caleb Mulvena in 2008, Mapos is a globally recognized and award winning team of designers and architects. Over the years we have partnered with a diverse range of clients to design innovative and memorable experiences that get people talking and coming back. Our modern and intimate designs put people first and fit naturally in their environment to connect people to place and to one another.
Every project begins with our Integrated Design Process to get to know you, your neighborhood, and your customers – the real clients – who will be visiting, living, and working in the places we create. Our design meetings are highly collaborative, building on each stakeholder’s expertise to capture the best in material research, sustainable design strategies, cultural insights, and construction expertise. The results create high-quality and high-performance designs that add value to your investment whether it be a home, a development, a community initiative, a start-up or a global brand.
We listen and observe and design with empathy for the real people who are the heart of your project. This ensures that once our work with you is complete, your project will have a long and healthy life.

29th February, 12:45 pm

Moore Building