Mithun/Hodgetts+Fung is an integrated design practice founded and led by architects Hsinming Fung and Craig Hodgettssince 1984..The Studio approaches each project through the perspective of the user as well as the sponsor, and seeks to advanceeach design by considering the role of technology, narrative experience, and visual presence. The Studio views the effort implicit in this approach with enthusiasm, regarding the skills acquired over many years as a “toolkit”enabling the creation of novel solutions to emergingchallenges. In this way, the Studio has created noteworthycultural, performing arts, and educational projects, as wellas significant installations at major museums.Many of their completed projects have introduced ways of thinking thatcontinue to resonate in spite of their temporary nature, such as the award winning and influential Towell Library, while some have been crafted to extend the legacy of celebrated popular icons, most notably the famed Hollywood Bowl.With bravura designs like the Wildbeast Pavillion at CalArts,as well as thoughtfulyet ingeniousretrofits such as the newly-completed Frost Auditorium in CulverCity, the Studio has established a reputation for daring designs which energize and complement the public realm.

28th February, 6:15 pm

Moore Building