Oyler Wu Collaborative

Oyler Wu Collaborative is an architecture and design firm located in Los Angeles, California. The office approaches architecture with a critical and rigorous intent that challenges the typical vision of the built environment. The office relies on the constant exchange between design and making, encompassing a variety of scales, with small, intense installations being built alongside the design of large-scale projects. Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu established Oyler Wu Collaborative in 2004, developing a way of working that is committed to experimentation through a relentless hands-on approach. Eager to test new ideas, utilize emerging technologies, and explore diverse building methods, the office has focused on transforming projects with modest budgets into contemporary architecture. The work has been driven by an insistence on striking a balance between design experimentation and technical feasibility, often finding creative solutions in the zones between the two. Their recent completed projects include The Exchange, a winning competition for Exhibit Columbus, as well as a 16-story high rise, Monarch Tower in Taipei. They are currently working on projects that range from a residential tower in Taipei, co-working offices, and urban infrastructure works for the City of LA

28th February, 4:30 pm

Moore Building