Pininfarina of America

Established in Miami, Florida in 2006, Pininfarina of America is the USA subsidiary and design studio of Europe-based Pininfarina, a global icon of Italian style headquartered in Turin, Italy. Working within the US, Canada, and Latin American markets, Pininfarina of America’s design scope includes transportation, industrial design, architecture and interior design. Each project is founded on the goal of humanizing innovation and technology to create designs that are both aesthetically powerful and boundary-pushing, reflecting the core Pininfarina values of purity, elegance, and innovation.Leveragingthis international prestige, Pininfarina of America’s physical presence in the US region provides value for their world-renowned clients, allowing a local perspective for their regional projects that is strengthened through the parent company’s global reach. The Pininfarina of America studio has spearheaded several award-winning built environment projects, including residential tower Cyrela by Pininfarina in Sao Paolo, Brazil, the City of Miami Beach Bus Shelter Design (awarded with the 2019 Red Dot DesignConcept), and projects withprominent clients such as Coca Cola, Cisco Systems, Motorola, General Electric, 3M, and The Related Group, to name a few.


29th February, 4 pm

Moore Building